Custom Homes

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It all starts with your design consultation. Right from the beginning we get to know you and your style. We’ll sit with you and go over everything from your inspirations to the little touches that will make your home special.

Our Plans

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Select from one of our plans and we’ll work with you make it your own with custom touches and help with material and design selections. Find plans that fit urban, suburban, and rural lots.

Remodel Plans

Need room to grow? To maximize your space and stay on budget you need an experienced designer. From adding rooms to a second story, we can help you find new space, utility and comfort in your home.


We treat your home as if it were our own, imagining how you will live in it day-to-day. We consider function and form, maintaining a high standard of design. 

Start your plan today! Contact us to get started. Call 405-655-8077 or email