Our plans set us apart. Beautiful 3-D renderings will let you see your home in amazing detail. From brick and stone selections to your counter tops, you’ll know exactly what you’re getting. When construction starts you can rest easy knowing our detailed technical drawings ensure your vision is clearly and effectively communicated to your builder.


We can provide your contractor or builder with detailed framing, electrical, and reflected ceiling plans, foundation schematics, window & door schedules and more. For more daring designs, we provide engineer-approved plans.


It's all about the details. Our cabinet elevations and technical drawings aren't just pretty, they are precision instructions for the craftsmen who will bring your dream kitchen and baths to life.

Take an experienced guide with you on your dream home journey. Hiring JollyBird is the first step. Contact us today. Call 405-655-8077 or email fallon@jollybirddesign.com.