Fallon Brooks-Magnus

Owner & Lead Designer

Fallon Brooks-Magnus has over 10 years of experience in home design, site and subdivision development and civil engineering including roadway, right-of-way, and structural detailing. Attention to detail has been the cornerstone of her successful career. She has been a draftsman for civil and structural engineering firms in the Oklahoma City and San Francisco areas where she performed complex drafting for municipal and large scale commercial projects. Her residential design experience includes new homes as well as outdoor living spaces and home remodels and additions.


Bryan Boone


Mr. Boone brings to JollyBird a modern aesthetic and sense of function in design. Bryan not only handles marketing, but acts as a quality control designer, providing input that sets the quality and function of JollyBird's original designs apart. Bryan's original works of art can be seen at bryanboone.com


Joe Marti

CAD Magician

Joe got lost in our building one day. Somewhere along the way we decided we should keep him. Joe is our draftsman and Sketchup modeler. He's pretty alright. He takes good notes. If you want us not to forget something, he's your man. 

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Truvy Brooks

Office Counselor, Break Time Compliance Officer & Foot Warmer

Truvy has been melting hearts for 13 years. She helps JollyBird keep track of when it's time to take a break, especially lunches and snack times. Tru brings the joy to JollyBird, and will greet any client that wants to meet her.